Job Testimonial: Ahamed Sulaiman – Supervisor Employee Welfare and CSR

How did you find your way into your current role at ES Global?

My passion is looking after the welfare of others. During my previous role I was responsible for organizing welfare measures for workers, sports events, and corporate social responsibility programs with Government Departments like Dubai Municipality, NGO’S, and Emirates Environmental Group campaigns.

Along the journey I participated in international events like Dubai Marathon which led becoming an officiate as Coordinator for Rio de Janeiro – 2016 Olympics & Paralympics in the Equestrian discipline. A very proud moment.

I was in search for a greater challenge with a large dynamic company, and was given a golden opportunity by ES Global to continue my good work for the welfare of the employees and community.

I thank the Management of ES Global for recognizing my merits and awarding me the chance to work for and with ES Global which I would always deem as a milestone in my career.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your job and the team at ES Global?

I am very proud to be the first Welfare Supervisor exclusively overseeing social, cultural, sports and corporate social responsibility aspects of ES Global.  We have since successfully participated in various sports cultural and social events with great fun and enjoyment had by all who attended.  My contribution during the Covid 19 period gives still immense satisfaction to me.

But if you ask me what the favorite part of my job is… I would have to say taking care of the welfare of our people and ensuring grievances are handled in a caring and professional manner. It pleases me to know that the workers are confident that they have someone who can help them to get their grievances sorted out.

What stands out for you about the work culture at ES Global?

Emirates Stevedoring is a renowned company not only in Ras Al Khaimah but in the entire UAE. There are plenty of outstanding values in the work culture at ES GLOBAL . But if you ask me to name the one that stands out then definitely, I will say ‘ TEAMWORK’.

Management gives its wholehearted support for the welfare measures which gives the push to participate in various sporting social cultural and corporate social responsible events to make the name of ES GLOBAL felt in the UAE Corporate Sector.

With passion I state that it will be TEAMWORK that will make ES GLOBAL a true GLOBAL entity.

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